What is cycle syncing?
If you've never heard of cycle syncing before, here is a quick lesson! You're probably familiar with your circadian rhythm, also known as our 24-hour sleep/wake cycle, but did you know that women also have an infradian rhythm? This cycle dictates a variety of fluctuations in our hormones, mood, energy, and even our metabolism!

Each phase of your menstrual cycle has unique characteristics and needs, unlike men's hormones which operate on a 24-hour cycle. This means that your body has different needs for food, movement, rest, and work at different times of the month. Our world is planned around men's hormones, and there is so much we can do as women to live in harmony with our bodies and hormones!

Instead of working against our natural rhythm, cycle syncing is the art of how we can work with it and harness it as a unique superpower!

What will this Masterclass cover?
In this recorded 60-minute Masterclass (plus audience Q&A), I’ll teach you everything you need to know about Cycle Syncing and how to start implementing specific tactics right away!

You'll learn all of the following:
  • The four phases of your cycle and what makes each of them unique and all of my favorite period products
  • How to eat for each phase of your cycle- yes your body has different nutritional needs during each phase! I'll walk you through phase by phase nutritional recommendations to optimize your meals around your cycle!
  • Seed cycling 101 - How to harness the power of specific seeds to support your hormones at different times in your cycle, including how much to use and fun recipes to get started!
  • How to move for each phase of your cycle- get the best bang for your buck with your workouts and avoid doing the wrong types of movement that could make you feel worse!
  • How to work for each phase of your cycle- If you work for yourself, I'll show you how you can optimize business throughout the month to increase your revenue, productivity, and enjoyment in your business! If you don't work for yourself, I've got you covered too with the best activities to prioritize at different times of the month to support your well being and set yourself up for success in your career!

You'll get lifetime access to the recording of the Masterclass + Q&A, a copy of the slides to reference back to as needed, and my Phase by Phase Guide with tons of great recipes to get you started right away!

Who is this Masterclass for?
If you're looking to support your hormone health, improve your periods, reduce symptoms of PMS, or want to feel more connected to your body, cycle syncing is for you!

You're in the right place if you're:

  • Looking to better understand your menstrual cycle and the hormones at play at different times of the month
  • Wanting to learn about the nuances of your cycle and what your body needs most at different times of the month
  • Desiring to feel more connected to your body and feminine energy
  • Struggling with painful, heavy, or irregular periods and want to optimize your nutrition, movement, and working habits to support your hormones
  • Not sure if you're eating, moving, or working in the right way to live in harmony with your hormones instead of working against them

If you are currently not experiencing a menstrual cycle or are using any form of hormonal birth control, you will still benefit from this Masterclass immensely as I teach you how to create a cycle when you're not having one!

My goal is that you'll walk away informed, empowered, and armed with the tools to live in harmony with your hormones and harness your cycle as a superpower! I'm so excited for you to dive into this Masterclass and can't wait to see you inside!

Get immediate access to the Masterclass and start syncing with your cycle now!

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