Cultivate a hormone friendly, low-tox home environment Masterclass!
Why is it so important to cultivate a low-tox home environment?
Endocrine disruptors are a category of toxins/chemicals that negatively interact with and impact your thyroid, sex hormones, and gut health. Chronic toxin exposure can cause or worsen hormone dysfunction and autoimmunity, negatively impact fertility health, lead to metabolic dysfunction and weight gain, and wreck havoc on your delicate gut microbiome. Additionally, the excessive strain toxins put on our organs has long-term negative impacts that we don't yet fully understand because of how new many of these toxins are.

Bottom line: We are now exposed to more chemicals/toxins in one year than our grandparents were in their entire lifetime (scary, I know).

It can be overwhelming to think about overhauling your entire house at once, so I want to take the guesswork off your plate and give you a Roadmap for cultivating a hormone friendly, low-tox home!

What will the Masterclass cover?
In this recorded 90-minute live Masterclass (which includes an audience Q&A), I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the most common toxins we're exposed to and how to reduce their presence in your home.

We'll cover all of the following and you'll get a game plan to improve each of them in your home:

  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Glyphosate exposure
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen tools/cookware
  • Personal care and beauty products
  • Textiles like sheets, towels, and rugs
  • Hidden sources of toxins you may not be aware of

To take the guesswork off your plate, I'll share all of my favorite products, hacks, and money saving tips - No need for hours of research on your own!

You'll get lifetime access to the recording of the Masterclass + Q&A, a copy of the slides to reference back to as needed, and my "Quick Start Guide and Checklist" to get you started right away!

Who is this Masterclass for?
This Masterclass is for anyone looking to cultivate a hormone friendly, low-tox home environment for themselves, their family, their kids, and/or their pets! If you want to reduce the toxic load on your body and the bodies of your loved ones, you're in the right place!

Whether you're worried about the negative impact toxins are having on your hormones, fertility health, metabolism, development of your children, or impact on the planet, I know you'll leave this Masterclass feeling knowledgeable, empowered, and excited to create a home environment that allows you to THRIVE!

Grab your immediate access to the Masterclass recording and resources!

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